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Mac Stanton

Mac Stanton


Mac Stanton , under the real name of Salesa Joël, is an electronic music producer and the creator and manager of So French Records. Stantonn is also part of the 3 man (Stanton, Boss &
Player) music group Freshlovers .
Stanton started producing at the age of 18, and is still releasing tracks at the age of 34. Stanton produces the “French Touch” style of house music.
In December 2008, Stanton created the So French Records record label. So French Records saw its first release in the Beverly Hills Chase EP by the Freshlovers. Beverly Hills Chase was remixed by a number of notable groups, including Superfunk , Super Mal, Jetset Hifi , Edwin Van Cleef , 4TrakZ , Vch Crew , Super 64, and Vox Populis.
Stanton was recently featured on the music website In Your Speakers , calling him an « up-and-coming Daft Punk protégé » .
In February 24 of 2012, Stanton released his first Album called « A nos amours » Lp on
« So French Records« , an album containing 17 tracks, corresponding to his view of « French Touch music« . Blogged into « French Touch Forum » here, considered as the relief of the new French Touch movement!


Agency: So French Records

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Nationality: France

Resident in: Paris