Summer Time Vol.3 Compilation

Summer Time Vol.3 Compilation

Label: So French Records

Release date: 5/8/2013

Catalog number: SFR044

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The Summer Time Vol3 Compilation
The Summer Time Vol3 Compilation
Dax Riders, Digikid84, The Supermen Lovers, Dgto, Adrian Wreck, Soul Machine, Butyreux, Cryda Luv', Mac Stanton, Revolte, No Kiss With Gloss,


So French Records presents the new official « Sumer Time Volume 3 » Compilation!
The Sea, the Sun…and The Summer Time Babe!
After the success of the 2 first « Summer Time Compilations », team « So French Records » launches the 3rd volume to celebrate by the most beautiful way this summer which promises to be hot & rich in musical colors!
The Compilation will be based on unreleased tracks by So French Artists & Guests, and will be focus on a great contest game which will aim to discover new talents of the current electronic scene!
We will find inside this new volume famous « French Touch » artists as The Supermen Lovers, Dax Riders, Superfunk, Digikid84, Allure, So French artists as Revolte, No Kiss With Gloss, Butyreux, Freshlovers, Mac Stanton, Anthony Atcherley, Adrian Wreck, Soul Machine, Dgto, special guests as Naeleck, Meridian, Cryda Luv’, and the winners of the Summer Track contest, SLDGHMR, Gallagan, The Sand Eater, Concerto, Cravach…

To stay in the tradition of previous volumes, the new compilation « Summer Time » will include renowned artists of the current electronic scene and will give a chance to new producers unknown to the public scene to have their own songs in the future « Summer Time Compilation »!
Release will be out the 5th of august on So French Records and available for exclusive on Beatport!
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Official Summer Time Vol.3 Compilation Tracklist!
1-C’est Bon-The Supermen Lovers(Extended Mix)
2-Epic-Anthony Atcherley(Original Mix)
3-You And Your Girl-Allure(Original Mix)
4-Nachtklub-No Kiss With Gloss(Original Mix)
5-This Is The Moment-Concerto(Original Mix)
6-Having Sex (Feat.Enricque D’shawn)-Revolte (Original Mix)
7-Loverboy-Dax Riders(Original Mix)
8-Subliminal Lover-Mac Stanton(Original Mix)
9-Reset-SLDGHMR(Original Mix)
10-Cruising-Dgto(Original Mix)
11-Coco Shaker-Carbon Kevlar(Naeleck Remix)
12-Gilded-Butyreux(Original Mix)
13-Virtuous Circle-The Sand Eater(Original Mix)
14-Supernature Love-Digikid84(Album Rework)
15-Off The Lip (Zano Boogie)-Soul Machine(Original Mix)
16-Nuage-Cravach(Original Mix)
17-Far West-Meridian(Original Mix)
18-Summer Time-Superfunk(Original Mix)
19-Yeah!!!-Adrian Wreck(Original Mix)
20-Le Stupide Vocodeur-Cryda Luv'(Original Mix)
21-Greensky-Gallagan & Naux(Original Mix)
22-Summer Dance-Freshlovers(Original Mix)