The Winter Time Compilation Vol.2

The Winter Time Compilation Vol.2

Label: So French Records

Release date: 24/02/2015

Catalog number: SFR052

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">Winter Time Compilation Vol.2
Winter Time Compilation Vol.2
Superfunk, Atrey, Soul Machine, Mac Stanton, Bastion

So French Records introduces us his brand new second volume, ‘The Winter Time Compilation‘, a bunch of best french house, funky disco and french touch music!
Introducing talented artists as Superfunk, Atrey, Soul Machine, Bastion, Kerstn, Mac Stanton, A Tous,I Want Un Smoothie, Coracle, Kn1ght, Paul Hadame, Weazley and many more!

Exclusive tracklist:
1-Stradivarius- Superfunk Vs Mac Stanton
2-Rise- À Tous
3-Wonderkids- Soul Machine Vs Atrey
4-Road Kill- Kn1ghT
5-Alhoa- Bolivard
6-Streets Of Freedom- Mac Stanton
7-Running- Coracle Feat. Emma Lucy
8-Bedroom Stars- Mr. Moustache
9-Twins- BASTION
10-Rollerball- Mac Stanton Vs MLZ
11-Atlantis- Demi Gods
12-Horror Show 2K15- I Want Un Smoothie
13-Welcome To Detroit- Les Fleurs Du Mal
14-Vanity- Kerstn
15-Flash Car-Paul Hadame
16-Pheonix Lights-Weazley