Winter Time Compilation Vol.1

Winter Time Compilation Vol.1

Label: So French Records

Release date: 17/02/2014

Catalog number: SFR045

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The Winter Time Compilation Vol.1
The Winter Time Compilation Vol.1
Allure, Thony Ritz, Soul Machine, Mac Stanton, Nebbra, Kn1ght, Laurent Shark, Butyeux, Anthony Atcherley

Surf, Fun and French Touch Music! Three words to sum up a brand new fresh project which announced exciting things for this winter!
After a hot summer rich in crazy sounds through a successfull third volume of the « Summer Time » , the So French Team returns with a new unexpected project for this winter!
In order to warm this winter by launching an exclusive « Winter Time » Compilation!
The first Volume will gather So French artists, friends and as usual a special great « Competition » will be organized to give chance to unknown artists to be on the project next to marvelous and talented artists!
Compilation will be based on the same previous project than the « Summer Time Compilation », based on « French Touch » music!
The Winter Time Compilation is out on Beatport!
Supported by Electro News, Electro Italia and French Touch Info

2-Why Don’t You-Delta Sparks
3-My Land-Nebbra
4-Chromaestesia-Soul Machine
5-Star Riders-Thony Ritz
6-Hawk Road-Kn1ght
8-Everyday-Mac Stanton
11-Bang The Box-Anthony Atcherley
12-Désinvolture-Robagain & Paddy
13-Disease-Naeleck & Oddity
14-Lost Patrol –Moolz Is Grooving & Mac Stanton
16-V-Therapy-Sharks In Venice
17-Alcool-Cryda Luv’
19-Let The Music Take Control Feat. Juliana Lisk-Laurent Schark
20-Give Me Your Love-Flava’
21-Sunset Spirit-Dark Shrimp Feat. Jack The Recreator