So French Records Play A Part Ep

So French Records Play A Part Ep

So French Records Presents ‘Play A Part Ep’ by Special Q!
Release Date 4.4.2016 on So French Records!

« Play a part Ep » has born around the necessity to talk about love in all his sides. The first track « 89 » is the music transposition of personal feeling of love for a woman felt by the artist Special Q. The second track which gives the name to the ep « Play a part » is about the importance of being ourselves with everyone expecially with the people we love, taking off the masks between our feelings. The third track « Summer love » wants to be an anthem of free love, and an exhortation to fully live the passion, the summer anthem song is driven by beautiful lyrics and vocal, from famous diva, SisterFace. The entire ep is a mix of many music styles, that jump from nu disco, french touch, to fresh funky sounds, all completed with special filtered and distorted synths. A bonus remix from So French Records boss, Mac Stanton, revisits perfectly the anthem track from the ep, ‘Summer Love‘!
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Play A Part Ep
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Special Q
Sister Face
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