Summer Time vol.14 Compilation is out now!

New Compilation!

The amazing Summer Time vol.14 compilation is out now!
After 3 months hard work our great compilation is there! 21 hot tracks for 21 talented artists gathered around a same awesome project!
Please welcome The Summer Time Babe!
Introducing talented artists as AZEL PHARA , Vecna , Superfunk , Jean-Jerome , Mac Stanton , Tune Crashers, Appartement 511 , Discroller, Acidulé , Dj Mike, LA , Hills and Valleys , Funkalizer , Disco Shakerz, Shyma
, Roy Diamond Jr., CyberKaresz Music and many more!
Congratulations to all the artists and all So French team! Much love!
Order the CD Limited edition: contact
The sea, the sun and Summer Time Babe!
Order your CD Collector here on Ebay: Summer Time CD

8 juillet 2024 Daft Punk Electro Pop French Touch House Synthwave

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