So French Records Presents Mindstream Ep By Mr. Moustache

So French Records Presents Mindstream Ep By Mr. Moustache

Yesterday, monday the 27th of april, will remain a very special day for So French team, we wait all day long the Amazing Ep from new phenomenon So French recruit, Mr. Moustache and it was revealed at the end of the day…A Majestic Release appealled us from the first listening! Ladies & Gentlemen welcome ‘Mindstream Ep‘!
We were all waiting for it, all day long, and the result was just big, like promise, the Czech musician, Mr Moustache prepared us a massive release gathering 3 hot original songs that we could be stored in the electronica category. The ep starts with a first song intitled Astra, a trip into the house music galaxy. The second one, intitled ‘Ranger‘, is a massive electro dark song, where electro meets techno music! A real Banger and our favorite one definitely!
The third track, ‘Ministry‘, is an amazing progressive techno song, reminding us best anthems of the 90’ in the same music style! The song starts by a break beat rythm to keep on a massive synth riff!
Another master piece to get imediatly and So French French for the event decided to share it for free download! You’re not dreaming FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!
Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome the new So French Phenomenon ‘Mr. Moustache‘!

Mr. Moustache said about ‘Mindstream‘:
« I wanted to make something different than my previous music, keep it electronic as much as I can, because on my future album I would like to get close to the real band music. These three tracks came up from my mind naturally, so I decided to call it MINDSTREAM. No boundries, no preconception, just jam it out of my soul. »
Download For Free ‘Mindstream Ep‘ here:
Mindstream Ep
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