Dealers De Funk Presents What Da Funk Ep

Dealers De Funk Presents What Da Funk Ep

Today is a special day, So French Records launches his official 67th releases, « What Da Funk Ep » by legendary french music band formed in 1998, « Dealers De Funk » …
Since 2008, So French Records team released many amazing Eps, but today is a special day, to celebrate the 67th releases on So French , the team launches a massive Ep intitled « What Da Funk » by legendary french music band Dealers De Funk.
French music band formed in 1998 composed of Mike 303 and Stephane Bonan , better known under the famous french band « Superfunk » .In 1998 the french band launched a massive project « New Jersey » with remixes of famous artists as Antoine Clamaran , L Pautrat and Olav Basovsky !
« What Da Funk Ep » is gathering 4 original songs, revisiting House, Funk, Synthwave and French Touch music!
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31 mars 2017 80s Electro Pop French Touch House Synthwave , , ,

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