Orange Soda Ep by Sleekwave

Orange Soda Ep by Sleekwave

So French Records presents his brand new release « Orange Soda » by US talented producer Sleekwave! The release is a celebration of house and french touch music! The main title « Orange Soda » is a great track, reminding us the french touch anthem from the early 2000′, remember « You are my high » by D-Mon, in the same style! Around this powerful original song, Sleekwave introduces us his second anthem house, « Interstellar Distance« this time more down tempo but so beautiful vibe, we love it!

Listen the awesome release here

The ep is articulated around 8 impressive remixes of the main title, « Orange Soda« !

First remix is brillant one of our favorite one, Superfunk did an incredible remix of Orange Soda using the Synthwave spirit at his best!♥ 10/10 by So French team!

Second remix of Orange Soda by Mac Stanton! So French boss gives us a brillant french touch remix, reminding Alab Braxe’ touch! This one rocks♥ 9/10 by So French team!

Thirs remix of Orange Soda by Hey Tu!! Hey Tu! music band from Mexico is giving a massive remix of the main theme, by listening it that reminds us Disco fever from RAM by Daft Punk, with slap bass and wondeful keys, the remix is success! ♥ 9/10 by So French team!

The Fourth remix of Orange Soda by Dark Shrimp! Another time the french producer Guillaume gives with his own touch a massive deep house remix of the main theme! Really love it!♥ 9/10 by So French team!

The fifth remix by Mr Nycto. is a real banger! First time we listened it we thought that was Deadmau behind the production, well, this is for sure the best remix of the release, electro vibe! Congratulations David from Hawai!!♥ 10/10 by So French team!

The 6th remix by Stan G brings a powerful Synthwave vibe to the original song! Great work!♥ 8/10 by So French team!

The 7th remix by Nightlife Crew is a french touch vibe given to original song!♥ 7/10 by So French Team!

The 8th remix by Cryda Luv’ brings 90′ electro house vibes! Good work !♥ 8/10 by So French team!

The release is out now on all digital platforms, take time to listen and get this amazing house gem here:

Orange Soda Ep

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