Recovery Remix Contest Winners

Recovery Remix Contest Winners

After a long and hard remix competition, with more than 47 remixes, the So French Team revealed yesterday the final results of an amazing competition which starts the second of may…

The remix contest was based on a solid track extracted from the first Kn1ght Ep, ‘Recovery’, a 80s synthwave song featuring the talented Australian singer, Rodeo!
You can stream here all the Competition Remixes

After one week deliberation, the jury, formed of So French Team, So French artists and blogs like Electro Italia , French Touch info , Daft Punk Anthology , Electro News & Earmilk, gave first the Top 15 finalists:
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Betacool Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-( I Want Un Smoothie Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Sharks in Venice Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(MLZ Rmx)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Thunberg Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Raider Knaves Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(MisterMoBeatz Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Axhel Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(MFTWC Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Hextane Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Lup Ino Rmx)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Ivan Storm Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(D Haney Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(VHS Glitch Remix)
Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Dr.GoFast Remix)
And reveals the 8 winners of that Epic Competition!
1-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Hextane Remix)
2-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(D Haney Remix)
3-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Ivan Storm Remix)
4-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(I Want Un Smoothie Remix)
5-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(MisterMo Remix)
6-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Thunberg Remix)
7-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(MFTWC Remix)
8-Kn1ght – Recovery Feat. Rodeo-(Dr.GoFast Remix)
You can stream the Winning Tracks here:

The winning tracks gather the best of 80s synthwave, House, Electro chill Pop and French Touch style…
The 8 winning tracks will be on a special remix Ep, Ep that will contain 4 hot new remixes by So French Talented artists, Atrey, 1906, Mac Stanton and a secret guest…
A massive Ep announced to be released on your favorite label So French Records the 23rd of june for exclusive on Beatport!
We wanted to thank all participants for their hard work, thanks again to have been so much invested in that amazing project!

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