Dgto is French electro-pop group. This noteworthy duo is the result of friends, Florian and Stéphane, who decided in 2011 to create a pop electro music band. Based out of Lyon, the middle east of France, this area boasts great gastronomy and rich history which only add to DGTO’s originality and deft ability to blend a range of genres from electro to progressive house, disco to house, and back again. All characterized, of course, by an audible « French touch » .
In december 2013, Dgto launched his first very promising release, Moonrise which is a subtle combination of electro-house pop disco house with catchy electronic rhythms and melodic pop synths. The EP contains three originals tracks, starting with « Moonrise », the main theme of the release, which is built upon a solid drum and pop synth line enhanced by a bright vocoder vocal. The second track, « High Voltage » is an overpowered electro rock track that oozes with fat bass and efficient electro synths line all the while sampling disco vocals. The last track, « Shine » is another quality electro progressive house track influenced by Alan Braxe and Lifelike.


Agency: So French Records

Phone: 0621242434

Email: so2french@gmail.com

The artist

Nationality: France

Resident in: Lyon