The Summer Time vol.12 Compilation

The Summer Time vol.12 Compilation

Label: So French Records

Release date: 08/07/2022

Catalog number: SFR92

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The Summer Time vol.12 compilation is out now on So French Records!
After an amazing volume 11, the So French team comes back with a brand new hot volume 12, including 23 hot tracks! From house to electro, from french touch to synthwave, the compilation is a massive selection of best electronic music! Featuring talented artists as AZEL PHARA, B-COM, Renard , Dark Shrimp, SilverHawk, Le Général, Chronic Mncher, Mac Stanton, Le Shake, Jean-Jerome, CruSz, FakeFunk, Appartement 511, Luxe & Leisure, Mondmann, Chapardeur, Polipo, LA Laura Paris, Paul Seibane, Hills and Valleys, Supershuttle, DeusExMaschine and many more!
Thanks again to all the artists and So French Team to make alive that epic music project! Much love to all of you!♥
The sea, the sun and Summer Time babe!
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23 hot summer tracks, the most famous Summer Compilation is back every summer!