Orange Soda Ep by Sleekwave

Orange Soda Ep by Sleekwave

Label: So French Records

Release date: 08/01/2021

Catalog number: SFR084

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So French Records presents the brand new release Orange Soda ep by Sleekwave!
After a very promising Remix contest which started in september 2020, celebrating talented artists as Nightlife Crew, Stan G, Cryda Luv’ and Mr Nycto, this new year starts on the best way with a brillant release!
Orange Soda gathers winners of the « Orange Soda » remix contest, four famous So French artists as Superfunk, Mac Stanton, Hey Tu! and Dark Shrimp and two original songs « Orange Soda » and « Interstellar Distance » from the american amazing producer Sleekwave!
The release travels from different musci world, from disco to house, from synthwave to french touch music!
Another brillant release!
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Orange Soda Ep is now available on all digital platforms!
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