Phanerosphene Part II

Phanerosphene Part II

Label: So French Records

Release date: 06.10.14

Catalog number: SFR050

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> Phanerosphene Part II
Soul Machine

We are proud to celebrate the 50th release from So French Records and we chose Soul Machine to celebrate it!
The French producer introduce us his brand new release ‘Phanerosphene Part II’, a fantastic journey into a wonderland where music and art are gathered.
After the success of Phanerosphene – part I, Soul Machine finally reveals Phanerosphen – part II, sequel and end of his electronic poem.
Along this second chapter, the artist unveils a darker side of his universe and offers a more melancholic and intimist ensemble but still timeless and melodic.
As for the remixers, the French producer put out all the stops. Access Denied (half-You Killing Me), Kn1ght, Mac Stanton and, tasty surprise, Superfunk, the French Touch legends, joined the artist on his melodic starship. This epilog is also the occasion to discover the second part of the cover painted by the incredible Jeff Hopp, a worldwide known psychedelic artist from Arizona. The entire painting will soon be revealed as the same time as a vinyl edition gathering the two EPs.
Close your eyes and let yourself, a last time, be carried away from the depth of mind to the outer limits of space!

Ep Tracklist:
1 – Galactic Rainbow (Original Mix)
2 – Ethereal (Original Mix)
3 – Phanerosphene – Part II (Original Mix)
4 – Galactic Rainbow (Superfunk Remix)
5 – Galactic Rainbow (Access Denied Remix)
6 – Galactic Rainbow (Kn1ghT Remix)
7 – Galactic Rainbow (Mac Stanton Remix)