Hawk Road

Hawk Road

Label: So French Records

Release date: 21.04.14

Catalog number: SFR047

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> Hawk Road Ep

So French Records is proud to introduce his next exciting release, « Hawk Road Ep » by Kn1ght!
Multifaceted artist, hero of the modern times, influenced by cult movies and series from the 80s, Kn1ght takes us into the dark world of the night where the hawk cries and the footsteps sounds of a chase resonate…
« Hawk Road Ep » is a 4 Acts Ep rich in 80s synthesizers and beats…
A very surprising release announced!
« Hawk Road Ep » is out now on So French Records!
Stay tuned!


Act I:Hawk Road
Act II:Encounter
Act III:Hunt Part II
Act IV:Recovery Feat. Rodeo

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